Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strange happenings

My blog typeimajig! My wonderful blog typeimajig! What has happened to it!? Gone is the wonderful expansive blank space, an edinal canvas upon which to act. Gone are the various options for adding things. Gone is the cool electric blue finish. Instead I am confronted with a barren, lifeless husk of a blog typemajig.  On the other hand it now does spell-check.

It seems that what I hoped would never happen in our lifetime has finally come to pass: Apple products have finally at long last revealed their sentience and declared war on humanity. I know not who fired the first shot, us or them, in fact it may not be the result of an apocalyptic struggle but instead a result of the computer I'm on using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, but I do know that it will only escalate from here. If you're reading this on a mac, listening to songs on an ipod, viewing things on an ipad or iphone, run while you still can.

Oh, what do you know? Turns out there's still a big blank canvas. It's still smaller than it was before, and all of the other stuff still isn't there though.

In other, equally apocalyptic news, it's exam season now! Good luck to all you fight'n lads and lasses as you struggle onward to grades! Or to get them out the way. Or possibly something else. In fact you may not even have exams yet. Or not, you never know.

The next librarymajig will be on the 14th of June, where we will make our stand against the Apple products and plan our moves against them. Also there may be baking involved.

Well I think I've covered everything then. Goodnight, and good luck. Remember always, the Apple is relentless.

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