Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by: The state of California- you can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast!

Man, I have got to stop paying so much attention to my radio, now I have TWO songs stuck in my head!

Anyhows, the next book club meeting will be on Thursday the 8th of July, at 4:30pm, or 1600 hours. I, tragically, may not be attending, as I have been drafted and shipped off to 'Nam. Be sure to vote on the polls as well.

Manix 4 is in it's second week in cinemas, and if you haven't already, you should see it.

Again, no one completed the kakapo challenge, but I did recieve one late entry for the one before. Here is you over-due Cookie!

Now for your next challenge: now, I know I have thrown a couple of curveballs recently, but this next one is a piece of cake (or cookie, as may be the case). Your next challenge is to find me on facebook (look for my name, initials M.K.), and add me as a friend! See? I told you it was an easy one! (oh and don't worry, you don't have to, I know there are some certain somebodys out there that aren't particularly fond of me)
What I have been reading you ask (well, probably not, but just go along with it)? Well, the second installment of me working my way through the mountain of books I got for my birthday sees me reading a nice big book on that grandest of human conflict, WWII.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can we pretend that....

....airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.

Sorry about that, but I have had that song firmly lodged into my chaotic adolescent mind all week. And all the weeks before that. Ever since I heard it on the radio last month in fact.

Anyhoo, the 21st of June will see the release of Manix 4, return of the antagonist from Manix 2. Starring Michelle Rodriguez and Anna Paquin.

Yesterday's gathering, while low in the head count, was high in deliciousness. Also low in Calories, sugar, salt, and 99% of whatever snazzy health food adverts say is bad for you. Some pictures (Finally):

In other news, for my 16th birthday (which I noticed none of you commented on, now I know how things really are), I recieved a large number of books. The first one I have read is Barefoot Gen, a semi-autobiographical Japanese cartoon about a child growing up in Hiroshima right before the Yankees dumped 18 kilotonnes of instant sunshine on top of it.

Sorry to those who tried, but because I recieved no replies concerning it I had to assume no-one completed the Kakapo challenge. No cookies this time.

And now for you're next challenge: donate 10$ to me! Just kidding (although that does'nt mean you don't have to).

Seriously, your next task is a special one. You see, reading Barefoot Gen (see above) has served to highlight for me the fact that violence of any kind is not the answer (unless the question is what word begins with V, has io in ther middle and ends with lence) in light of this, your next task is to find one person you don't like, and spend at least one day being nice to them.

Well folks, I have to rap this up. See y'all soon!

Ace Of Clubs

Hi Welcome to the blog of the Mangere Bridge Teen Book Club. We call ourselves Ace of Clubs. We meet once a month, normally on the third Thursday 4.30pm @ Mangere Bridge Library. We talk about books, hang out and have random fun. This blog will tell you what we have been up to, what is coming up and of course lots of stuff about books. All teens are welcome so if you are around come along and join us.