Thursday, February 21, 2013

At long last

And so I come to the end of my holiday, as does the rest of the world. And all over boys and girls of all ages clamour up and go to school to learn and suffer and go about their schooling lives.

Not me though. I'm free, FREEEEEE!!! Well until next month at least. Then I go to 'varsity instead.

Just a while ago there was the first happening of the year, on a Thursday. Just a normal Thursday. Nothing out of the ordinary about it at all. No siree, you could not find a more ordinary Thursday even if you tried. Absolutely nothing unsusal about that particular Thursday, the 14th of February at all. What? What are you looking at me like that for? It was an ordinary Thursday the 14th. And nothing ever happens on that day ever. Gosh, I thought everyone knew that.

Something that was unusual though was the new paradigrim set up for future ones. Apparently there will now be structure to them and more literary related things! Heresy I say. There's already the thing where we go around and mention what we've read lately, surely that's enough.

Speaking of which, I have passed the summer by burning through no less than Ian Fleeming's Bond, James Bond, the first book Casino Royale to be precise. It is in fact almost completely different to the movie, who'd have thunk it.

In respose to this radical new thinking, an unscheduled librarymabob is slated for Thursday of next week. Be sure to come along, as I am sure there will be food there.

Also, in other news, is 50 Shades of Green. This is a project being conducted by renowned internet reviewer Lindsay Ellis and her close friend Nella, to create a cheesey fantasy romance novel in the vein of Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, and hopefully in the process learn about just how and why these things are so popular. You can see the introductory video here and the latest installment, discussing 'plot' gimmicks here.

That it about does it I reckons. Have a fun year (try not to get too depressed in school), and watch out for Faeres (seriously, they will mess you up)!


Ace Of Clubs

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