Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Now is the winter of your discontent

Rendered glorious summer by the sun of York. Unless you're me. then it's the other way around, because for me summer is more often than not cruel and unusual punishment. I am a creature of cold by nature you see, so while excellent at keeping warm I simply end up melting faster than a strawberry ice-cream. Mmmmmmmmm.... strawberry ice-creams....

And as a broke student I can't invest in the development of a liquid helium cooling suit either. At least it's now holidays though, so I'm free to do whatever I want. And so should everyone else before too long.

As it turned out the librarything of  yesterevent consisted of a forum to float ideas. Popular topics included pictionary, cheesecake, baking, a games day and a new and improved hallow's eve thingumy. I still remember my own pictionary set, though I long ago ate all the pencils it came supplied with (candy pictionary you see, so edible pencils). Oh well. Should you have further suggestions for things to do leave them in the comments, or give me a penny silly.

Speaking of librarythings the next one is the Yuletide special, on the 19th of December. 'tis the season and all, so remember there will be gift-giving to be had. And if you don't provide a gift you will be forced to stand on one leg singing Christmas carols outside for the whole time. Maybe. It might actually be prohibited from actually enforcing that. But it's still a threat!

And finally I've been actually reading something again. That isn't 'varsity related! It's Out of Oz, the last part to the Wicked series, which I burned through in one week. It was an enjoyable enough yarn, though the ending was a bit awkwardly written. The musical is so much better though. Watch the musical if you can, it is awesome.

That's all for now folks. If you would like to help in my war against the heat by donating supplies of ice-cold chilled Chi or volunteering to be a fan-waver for me then be sure to get in touch.


Thursday, November 7, 2013


Right then, time for another post after an eternity of not posting anything. Except for those extra ones in September. So really everything's up to date, and I just provided October's entry in advance, with nothing to do with October at all.

And now it's the holidays. For the rest of you at least, I've been on them for weeks. What? No I'm not smug about anything at all, don't be preposterous. Well there are exams too, but you don't have to go to school anymore except for them. I think. Maybe. School attendance is starting to fade from my memory now that I have left such mortal quarrels behind and ascended to the plane of tirtiary education. Not that actually enjoy it though, it's a neverending grind which puts Pandemonium to shame (Pandemonium at least has top notch pizza chefs), where the elder gods of long-forgotten night wage unrelenting war against one another and all the realms of all worlds are merely pawns in their diabolical machintations. Though I must admit I have been to worse places.

At any rate it seems there's a new feature to the library, a service by the name of PressDisplay, or possibly Pressdisplay, or even Press Display. Having never seen the name written down, I am not sure if it is supposed to be one word or not. It's a newspaper display function on the library's computers, that allows the user to conjure up an example of any newspaper they so desire, regardless of where in the world it's from. Go ahead, try it out. I recommend the British tabloids for maximum hilarity factor. Or the maximum induction of blood-curdling murderous rage, depending on what your sense of humour is like and if any of their rant articles target something you identify with. Either could happen, since they're very hysterical knee-jerk politically extreme papers.

The next Librarything is next Thursday the 14th. There was going to be a film, but no-one except me suggested anything, and all of my suggestions are apparently too violent and terror-inducing to show, so now I'm not sure what's happening. It could be fireworks, it could be something that doesn't explode, you'll have to be there to find out. Actually my money's on something to do with exams. Also edibles and drinkumbent no doubt.

So then, write and toil, but be merry when you can, for soon you too shall be on holidays!


Ace Of Clubs

Hi Welcome to the blog of the Mangere Bridge Teen Book Club. We call ourselves Ace of Clubs. We meet once a month, normally on the third Thursday 4.30pm @ Mangere Bridge Library. We talk about books, hang out and have random fun. This blog will tell you what we have been up to, what is coming up and of course lots of stuff about books. All teens are welcome so if you are around come along and join us.