Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Once upon a blog...

Ahem, sorry about that. There was a slight hitch with the publishing. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's good, these things are bad for my image.

The next Librarymajig will of course be on the 8th of March. There may or may not be a computer related-thingumy there, so be sure to get in touch with an operator and stock up on red and blue pills.

In another story, I recently discovered the deligtful new TV series Once Upon a Time, on TV2 every Thursday at 8:30 at night. I'ts a fantastic show, well I think it is at least, and I recommend you all see it. Furthermore, I am advocating a future librarymajig with a fairytale theme. Leave a comment letting me know what you think of the idea. And before you complain that they're sissy, don't be fooled by the Disney cartoons, these things are dark.

Once again we have a lone winner for the Kakapo challenge, one Emma. Congradulations! Unfortunately we have had some sligtht difficulties with your cookie, but you'll get it in the next blog.

The new one is to tell me what your favourite fairy tale is. Leave a comment summarising it.

Alas that must be all and I must be off.

Happy endings everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Once more into the breach

Salutations to all readers! There is tremendous news:

School has been declared!

After a tragic occurance in the Balkan- I mean, somewhere else, our vile foe has marched through neutral territory to get to our noble allies. Consequently, as of the 1st of February, Ninteen fourtee- I mean, Two thousand and twelve, we are at school!

All across the country thousands of eager youths are flocking to the recruitment offices, anxious to join up and contribute to what many are calling "the school to end all schools". Already reports are coming in that the enemy is demoralised and badly equipped, and the consensus is that the school will be over by Christmas.

Once deployed, our fighting men-and women will courageously give battle, bolstered by the wonders of modern millitar- I mean academic technology, and will shortly be having drinks and pastries in Berli- I mean, graduating.

Don't wait now, your country needs you! Enlist now!

In other news, the next clubimajig will be next Thursday, on the 9th. It will be more likely than not that there will be no water fight, but there may be one in the future. As always, expect sugar and salt a-go-go, and of course me.

And now, something not normally seen in a while, we have a winner of the Kakapo challenge! Congratulations, here is your cookie!

Now for the next one: Comment on here telling me about your own academia. What place do you go to? What subjects taken? And if you don't go to a place of learning what do you do instead?

Alas, now it is time to fly. See you all next Thursday!

Ace Of Clubs

Hi Welcome to the blog of the Mangere Bridge Teen Book Club. We call ourselves Ace of Clubs. We meet once a month, normally on the third Thursday 4.30pm @ Mangere Bridge Library. We talk about books, hang out and have random fun. This blog will tell you what we have been up to, what is coming up and of course lots of stuff about books. All teens are welcome so if you are around come along and join us.