Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Photos

Hope you all had a blast at the Halloween party! I had a great time. I have already been asked for another one but I might need a year to recover from this one. I will show you the rest of the photos at our next meeting which is on Thursday November 27th @ 4.30pm - Mangere Bridge Library. It is a week later than normal as I am unable to be there on the 20th.

Question of the week: I recently had somebody tell me the ending of the last book in the Twilight series. Before I read the book. So the question is: Spoilers - ok or uncool? Tell your spoiler stories. I gave away three choccy fish last week and had to eat the other three myself. Please save me from this horrible fate this week.

I know that exams are coming up for most of you so check out the study help links. Remember that we have study guides available in the library as well. Let me know when your exams are so I can celebrate with you when they are over. See you all soon. Suzie

Ace Of Clubs

Hi Welcome to the blog of the Mangere Bridge Teen Book Club. We call ourselves Ace of Clubs. We meet once a month, normally on the third Thursday 4.30pm @ Mangere Bridge Library. We talk about books, hang out and have random fun. This blog will tell you what we have been up to, what is coming up and of course lots of stuff about books. All teens are welcome so if you are around come along and join us.