Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Photos

Hope you all had a blast at the Halloween party! I had a great time. I have already been asked for another one but I might need a year to recover from this one. I will show you the rest of the photos at our next meeting which is on Thursday November 27th @ 4.30pm - Mangere Bridge Library. It is a week later than normal as I am unable to be there on the 20th.

Question of the week: I recently had somebody tell me the ending of the last book in the Twilight series. Before I read the book. So the question is: Spoilers - ok or uncool? Tell your spoiler stories. I gave away three choccy fish last week and had to eat the other three myself. Please save me from this horrible fate this week.

I know that exams are coming up for most of you so check out the study help links. Remember that we have study guides available in the library as well. Let me know when your exams are so I can celebrate with you when they are over. See you all soon. Suzie


Yael said...

About spoilers - It really depends about what book/TV show/Movie/Comic Book etc it is. With the internet nowadays you can often find spoilers without spoiler warnings and you accidentaly read them.

I know that I'm somewhat of a hypocrite about spoilers - I don't really like getting them but I can't resist telling other people what happens.

The one thing that really ticks me off is when some people buy the book, flick through it at top speed and then tell everyone - whethter they want to listen or not - what happened.

An example of this was Harry Potter six. (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU STILL HAVENT READ IT)Some idiot sped through the book in less than an hour and then printed off T-Shirts saying 'Dumbledore dies on page 631. I've just saved you thirty dollars and twenty four hours.'

I'm in the middle of exams right at the moment, so I'd better go study.


Megbear said...

I think it is very annoying because it ruins some of the stories suspense.

- Megan

Sai said...

Totaly uncool,'cause if it is something that you are really looking forword too they ruin the whole thing. even if you have seen it or read it more than once.

Sai said...

P.S The pics are really cool and we should have another party eg christmas (hint, hint) :D lol

Demi-Jane said...

Firstly - I love love love Twilight!
Secondly - I had my friend tell everything that happens in the second book (New Moon) and that wasn't so bad.

Yeah, I went to google the sixth Harry Potter book and saw the "DUMBLEDORE DIES IN SIXTH BOOK!" comment all over the net. It really sucked - I cried before I had even got the chance to read the book.

But yeah ANYWHO spoilers are a no-go. Unless you want to ruin a few days of exhileration from reading Twilight (did I meantion that I love love love it?!) then don't do it.

I'm not even sure that last sentence made sense - sounds smart though dunnit? Lol

BOO to SPOILERS (and exams).


Zangetsu said...

Spoilers bad.... on the forums we have spoiler tags that hide the spoiler and ya hav ta kilik on da tag ta reveal the spoiler.

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