Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hola Comrades, this time it's not just me, I have a guest!

Hey guys! :D

That's a good friend of mine and a loyal compatriot, Blackashesintheautumnwind! Well that's one of her blogs at any rate. We have fought side by side in Cuba, Columbia, Laos and dozens of other countries yearning for freedom, and now she's joined me here, as a celebrity guest. There are Duets, and Youtube Videos with them, it's high time blog did as well. What have you been reading lately Black?

First I was reading Little Women. . .

Ohh, classy. Pray continue.

I'm planning to go back to it, but, I really need to stick to one book and finish that! The one I'm currently reading is called Love, Stargirl.

Super. Did you ever get around to reading that copy of Silence of The Lambs I lent you?

You know, Max, I'd love to say that I did get around to reading, it, but we both know that I haven't. :L I will get around to it though! Sooner or later . . .

You'd better! I start getting jumpy when something takes a while getting back to me. Anywhat what's this Stargirl about?

It's about a girl who moves states, and starts writing this realllly long letter to her ex boyfriend, and tells him all about her new life in Pennsylvania, and the new friends she's made, etc.

So it's like Dear John, but in reverse? And with The girl talking about her life instead of the guy?

No, I wouldn't necessarily say that. Dear John is a really soppy love story, and is quite depressing in some parts. Love, Stargirl is so much more uplifting, and it's more about the girl learning to move on from her ex, and about her building new friendships with the townspeople.

And of course it's better than Twilight.

I wouldn't really compare it to Twilight, because it's not in the same category. It's got an extremely different storyline than Twilight. But, overall, I'd say it's much better than Twilight.

Twilight doesn't have a storyline.

It does, just a really basic storyline. Love, Stargirl is much more complex than that.

And you know when the next book-in is right?

If I'm being perfectly honest with you, no I don't. When is it?

If my calculations are correct, it's on the 13th of October. Also, I get the feeling that the annual Hallow's eve bash is coming up. After all, It's just a jump to the left...

And a step to the right!

Ho ho ha. Remember to bring tasty sweet plates of tasty sweet things for mysel-I mean, the group. Yes, the.. Group.

Homemade turkish delight! Nom nom nom.

Now now, carefull. You know what happened to that British kid who ate Turkish delight don't you?

Well it looks like that's about time for us. Remember to come back next time, when I talk to other people maybe!

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