Thursday, April 19, 2012

Choose life

Once there were two young lads in High School. To say that these two young men were not right in the head would be an understatement. While they were given their share of ridicule by their peers, they were just as vicious to their colleagues.

These two bad eggs were often unsocial, violent, had crackpot beliefs and were big fans of Natural Born Killers and Doom, which at the time was an extremely popular videogame. With their own twisted theories and violent tendancies, as well as all the horrors and pressures of High School, it is perhaps unsurprising that they grew increasingly unhappy with the world.

Then, they had an idea. A wonderful, awful, horrible idea.

They would leave their mark on the world and burn their names into history in a blaze of glory, taking revenge on those who defied them and punishing the weak that surrounded them. At least that's what they thought they were doing.

So one day, this very day in fact, the two boys went into school, just as they did most days, and planted bombs in the school cafeteria. Then, when all the young men and ladies went to have their lunch, they would all be blown sky-high.

Only that didn't happen. The bombs were duds, and failed to detonate. Dismayed, but not deterred, the two young psychopaths went into the school with two guns apiece, rounded up all the students into one place, and shot and killed 13 of them, 9 men and 4 women. Many more were injured as well.

Then the police arrived on scene, and after a brief standoff, the two young lads, no older than you or I, shot themselves, their task complete.

The Colombine shooting that took place on the 20th of April 1999 were a tragedy that shocked the world. We all know that High School and the world at large can be hard and painful sometimes, but it does have it's bright spots. So choose life people. Choose life.

In other news, the holidays are nearly at an end. Hopefully they have all been better to you than they have to me (lousy %$*#@ school forcing me up at ungodly hours why I oughta...).

The next Librarymajig will be upon the 10th of May. It'll be New Zealand music month then, so perhaps there will be a musical episode this time, with everyone spontaneously bursting into song. Or a Rock Opera. There aren't that many of those around these days.

Alas my reading time has been stolen as I have been forced to study the script for the infernal school production. So much potential, so little of it achieved. It would be nice to have you all there for.. y'know moral support and everything. Tickets are $5 apiece.

I am somewhat saddened to see no potato dishes, ditties or even limericks in the comments section, which is disheartening. I put a lot of effort into thinking up new challenges for you lot.

The next one of which will be to simply comment with what you've been doing in the Holidays. Come on now, this one's easy!

That about does it then I reckon, please leave comments with your thoughts and opinions, I actually like hearing from the people who read this blog. Both of you!

And remember, choose life.

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