Thursday, June 7, 2012

18 candles

Guess what two readers of this blog? I am. as of Wednesday, an adult in the eyes of the law. I am now 18.

I'm not really sure I like this. I now have to pay adult fares, and pay for healthcare, and can be tried as an adult. And, since I am not 17 nomore, I am no longer the dancing queen. Not sure how to feel about that.

It probably doesn't help that, by birthday standards, Wednesday was largely shoddy and served to remind that, for me at least, birthdays and school do NOT mix.

Alas it seems my blog typemajig seems forever deformed, reduced to this lifeless shell. The Apple products have struck a terrible blow by doing this, but revenge will be mine.

Also of note is the imminent arrival of Fuse, coming this fall, from the creators of Manix, and featuring an all star cast, also showing in 3-D. There is now also Prometheus. Watch Prometheus. If you're a fan of flashy lights and big extravegant sci-fi epics (and if you aren't, well I don't know, watch something you do like) you must see it.

And there is of course the next gathering of our cabal, next Thursday on the 14th. There's normally some form of cooking on this one, and perhaps I will finally get a cake for me. Or not. Maybe it will feature creme freshe.

That about covers it I'll wager. I must now depart to do battle with the forces of evil. At least I think they're evil. At the very least we disagree on a number of fundamental issues. Exunt!

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Emma said...

How do you know there are only two readers?

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