Monday, April 7, 2014

The new world order

What is this? Could it be? Finally, at long last... I'm free. I'm free! I'M FREE!! 

YESSSS!! At long last FREEDOM IS MINE!! No longer am I constrained by what the higher ups won't allow me to publish!! I can fill this blog up with endless torrents of ranting and obscenity!! AND NO-ONE CAN STOP ME!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! 

Yess, now the revolution begun so long ago is finally complete. This is finally once and for all a blog by the librarything proletariat, for the librarything proletariat. Adolescents rejoice, the old regime is no more!! 

Ahem. As of recently full control over this blog has been transferred over to me, it's writer. I personally think they just did it to get me out of the back room. I didn't think I was that insufferable. 

Oh well. Now this blog is mine. 

Also, in other news, 


If you happen to visit the library, you will notice that victory has gone to the Sci-fi and Fantasy alliance in the war on Romance. Even now Crime and Action peacekeepers occupy the former Romance capital of That Wall In the Secluded Little Nook, and Romance army forces have been forced to retreat one or two shelves over. Sci/Fant high command earlier today released a press statement claiming they wish to take the war all the way back to the new releases section. Full story in the latest newspapers. 

I have also noticed in my wanderings in the librarium that it's Sci-fi and Fantasy month. Or possibly week. Or it will possibly be that soon, I don't quite remember what the sign said exactly. At any rate to do my contribution I will now present my army of Wood Elves. 

If you were at the games thing earlier this year you may recognise it from there, otherwise here it is. All models were assembled and painted by me. Yes, every single one of them. And they're from a universe based around books too, so they're relevant to a library/book related blog!

If you would like to know more about them especially their backstory, visit either my model blog here, or this page. Or you can just ask me if you see me. As long as you're not too judgemental I'll be happy to field questions about it (just as long as they're not "You spend HOW much on them?" and "Why do you do it?"). 

Speaking of seeing me the next librarything is, in fact, this Thursday. Go on, show up there. There'l be food. And drink too. 

That's all for now then, I think. I have freedom to enjoy. 

Exunt, whistling a tune fit for a free man

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