Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Forever Autumn

At long last Summer seems to be going away again. Doubtless this will be not terribly welcomed by many, but I for one welcome the new weather, since it means I no longer have to sleep in a tub of liquid helium every night. Not sure about the rain though, but that's mostly because I am currently sans a functional umberella. On a completely unrelated note, I am now also accepting donations for a new umberella.

There is a major downside though. While Summer may be ending, 'varsity is just starting up, so now I have to go back to the unrelenting grind of academic work, and regularly get up at half-past the hour of Dear God Why Am I Awake. I also have to go back to the reality of being a tiny insignificant dot, or possibly a mote. A mote in society's eye..

It's a librarymajig again next Thursday. It seems that there is  still no primary consensus on what's going to happen there, thought of course there will likely be sugar in both solid and liquid forms available for consumption, and yoga will not be likely, though that still leaves a plethora of other interesting options and choices to pursue for the event in question, however I have a feeling on what will be the most probable to take place on the next librarything. Just on what's been common before. Analysis of trends you know.

Oh yes I should probably go over the latest literary works to be conquered by my mighty and comprehensive vision. The last one of note was Command and Control, a non-fiction (GASP!) book about the history of nuclear safety, specifically the safety (or as it turns out lack of) regarding nuclear weapons employed by the United States. As it turns out most of them are absolute deathtraps and accidents waiting to happen, and it's a wonder why the United States hasn't gone up in radioactive smoke already, in no small part due to an enormous bureaucratic war between the US navy and Strategic Air Command (the part of the United States Air Force that used to be in charge of any nuclear bombs not on some sort of boat). It was actually surprisingly fascinating, and through this and burning through Return To Oz before that I think I've perfected my power-reading strategy (which can cover a novel in just over a week), which ought to come in handy when digesting all the many many many many MANY books I'll inevitably have to look through for 'varsity.

Well that seems like a healthy quick blog post for the time being. See you next Thursday!


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