Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look! Up in the sky!

Is it an ad? Is it a meme? No! It's Super-Blog! Faster than a speeding viral-video, stronger than a search engine!

Actually it's just comic book month now. I'm not sure exactly why September is comic book month, when Armageddon is in October, the month after it, but oh well. Maybe Comic-con in America is in September and we're just using the date the yanks give. That might be it.

At any rate the whole month is devoted to comics, manga and graphic novellia of all kinds. The next librarymajig is... well, it's in about 45 minutes. I was going to post this the week before, but never got a chance to, so now instead you get a double-dose of bloggey goodness that no-one ever reads. It'll be featuring something to do with the month's theme of course.

At the same time, I figured I'd write about some of my favourite.... errm.... damn, I'm all out of comic synonyms. Where is my team of script-writing faeries when I need them? I leave milk and cookies out for them damnit!

Anywhich, I'll write up about some of my favourites. Starting with my current #1:


I doubt you've heard of Transmetropolitan. Being of Vertigo origin, it's not terribly mainstream, especially outside the United States. But I love it. It's hilarious.

It's the future, and the series focuses on a bitter disgruntled cynical journalist named Spider Jerusalem. If you've heard of Hunter S. Thompson, then he's kind of like him. If you haven't heard of Hunter S. Thompson, google him and tell me about him. I've only ever heard of him, and been told that he's a bit like Spider Jerusalem. Anywhich, Transmetropolitan follows the misadventures of Spider as he writes about and explores the city he moves back to. Exactly which city it is is never mentioned, though it seems to be New York. The city itself is 100% insane, capitalism taken to it's logical extreme. Genetic engineering has made everyone immune to lung-cancer, so most people smoke through 20 packs a day. There is an underground fashion trend that involves grafting alien DNA onto oneself. Popular TV shows include an insanely ultraviolent children's cartoon called 'Anthrax Cat' and what can only be described as Avenue Q meets Sesame St (I also should have probably warned you that it's a farily adult graphic novel series). Common household security includes Ebola dispensers. They've invented amphibious all-terrain sports-shoes. Ads get implanted into your subconcious. And the list goes on. It's a cyber-punk city of sin, full of corruption at every level. It has fun with this too.

It's a bit on the graphic side, but if you're like me and have a sense of humour black as the Ace of Clubs (spades is too mainstream), and a taste for sci-fi, you might just enjoy it too. 


That's it for now. T'was much shorter a review than I was expecting, but oh well. Librarything's in less than 30 minutes. If you can't make it then maybe next month.

Awesome blogger away!

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