Thursday, September 19, 2013

Комикс книга продолжает тему в рассрочку блога

Ok so maybe I lied about that extra bonus post. Maybe. It might still show up. Probably not though knowing my luck. Have a distraction coconut instead.



Damnit it's not loading the distraction coconut. Pretend there's one there. It is a very distracting coconut.

Anywhich, the next part of comic book month. This time it's about the other big one I really like. And by big I of course mean cerebral and obscure. This one is:

The Red Star

I will be very impressed if you have heard of this series. Almost no-one does know about it, especially outside the United States. But despite that it is very, very, VERY good, if a little bit weird.

Basically, it follows the adventures of Maya Antares, a military sorceress in the Russian army, in an alternate history where magic was scientifically discovered, categorised, and put into every day use, technology has advanced MUCH more quickly than it did in real life (By the late 1800s/early 1900s they have gigantic steampunk super-trains, by the 1950s at least they have even bigger battleships that float around in the upper atmosphere battling each other with laser cannons and tanks the size of city blocks), and the Soviet Union lasted a lot longer than it actually did, and broke up after bleeding itself white when it invaded Afghanistan (in case you don't know, this actually did happen, but it did'nt do much to end the USSR, which split apart a couple of decades afterwards from largely unrelated economic pressures). After being sent in to quell an uprising in.. well, it's not quite clear where it is, but it was a former republic of this Soviet Union, and it wants independence. Anywhich, after being sent in to put down the insurgency as brutally as possible, Maya and her friends in the army discover the terrible secret behind their (very corrupt) government, and promptly mutiny to save the world from evil.

It's story is in three bits, with the first third of the series covering the past, looking at the aforementioned invasion of Not-Afghanistan and how it affected our heroes, the second covers what happens in during the counter-insurgency, and the third looks at what happens after the big mutiny.

It's very very pretty, with CG-assisted landscapes and objects along with the more traditional pencilling. The narrative's not to bad neither. If you're into gritty war stories or just like to oggle at pretty landscapes and big formidable looking military hardware, I'd recommend it.

Come back next week, where you'll get the last installment of the Septembre arc. Or not, since something will probably happen.

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