Thursday, May 16, 2013

There is a castle on a cloud...

So I'm walking home through the pelting seaside rain to my warm humble cottage (and by that I mean I'm on my way back from business in town), when I happen upon a most heart-trembling tear-rousing sight.

A poor teddy, all alone, out in the cold and rain, half-soaked in the filth of the gutter.

Now, being the sort I am, I says to myself "Come now, see this poor thing. Can't just leave it sitting there, no creature so fuzzy should be out in this sh-... shoe soakingly bad weather, a heh heh."

So now teddy (I am unsure of it's designated gender, but I am calling it Cosette for now) is at the library, where I trust he/she will be cleaned up and dried. Teddy is white with a red valentine heart for a nose, and he/she needs a home. If you happen to be teddy's owner or knows of them, please let them know where their beloved child's toy is (unless they hated it and would just cut it to bits, then don't), and otherwise if you would like to adopt teddy talk to me or Suzie. Otherwise teddy will be either sent to the lost-and-found or find a place at the library, where he/she will find company with Mr Wombat and Mr Harris the spider.

In other news, the competition for music paraphenellia is still ongoing. Correctly fill in all the lyrics on the sheet, submit it in and you too could perhaps win some music related shirts and a mystery prize.

The next librarymajig will be on the 13th of June. As it is exactly one week after the single most critically important day in ALL OF EXISTENCE, there will likely be extra sugar present, likely in baked form. At least there will be if everyone knows what's good for them...

Also maybe chips or something.

I must confess to not having read an awful lot of interest recently, however I did manage to find a copy of, and watch-

No, I'm sorry, I can't bare to say it, the memories-

-oh god, the... memories....

... (sobs) no.... can't..... think.... Hazel's not..... dead....

OHH GOD NO I CAN'T DO IT!! (bursts into tears)

(in other words it was Watership Down. Please do not mention rabbits or bright eyes for the next couple of months)

I'm sorry but I will have to cut it there, because now I can't stop crying about the pooor pooor fuzzy little critters. (closes the door)

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