Thursday, March 21, 2013

Varsity Blues


So once again I am at school, if it can be called that. It is a place of study, with brutal uncompromising standards, grinding essays, and I get up at god-forsaken hours for a solid chunk of gloomy solitude.

On the other hand, the city! No uniform! No Riders in Black sent after you if you decide to leave! Three day weekends! Prawn wontons and egg noodle soup! Colas!

If only I had the money for that last one. Oh what unmentionable things I would do if it meant getting an icy-chilled refreshing cola. Or better yet, Chi... 

The next happening is, if my calculations are correct, on the 11th, after Easter. I know not what will happen there, but I did hear talk of the annual board-games day. Hopefully as always there will be sugar/starch, and... drink...

In other news, I recently watched The Decoy Bride. While seemingly like any other romcom, it is immediately unique in one way: it stars as it's male lead one David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame). Intrigued by this and it's suitibly hilarious sounding plot blurb, I took it out when I could.

I was thoroughly pleased with it. It's a quirky little British romcom, so it's humour is somewhat different to the more typical American romcom, but if you prefer your couple-comedy to be quaint rather than outrageous then you will probably enjoy it. Also of note in it's cast are Dylan Moran (of insanely funny stand-up and Black Books fame) and Michael Urie (of Ugly Betty fame). Actually, on second thought, I wouldn't recommend it at all. Don't get it out. I want to get it out again myself.

I'm afraid I must cut it short here now. I think I have covered everything, and I am now on the edge of total insanity from thirst.


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