Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yes I know that's not how it's spelt.

So, the first Fuse thing has come and gone, no doubt the first of a few at least. I hope you all have fun at the event for it, I shan't be attending, as, in truth, I did not partake in the Fusemadoodle itself. Kudos to those who did though.

It seems as though my page canvas has shrunk, turning an already bleak and barren husk of a blog creator even bleaker. Now nothing remains of the old sysetem. It seems the apple products will drive humanity into extinction shortly.....

The next gathering will be upon the 13th of September. I know not what will happen there, but I imagine there may be biscuits and things, so there is always that.

Time has meant I have not been reading an aweful lot lately, however I do have some quantity of literature on my eternally towering 'to read' pile.

That about cuts it I believe. I know it is once again a short post, but, while my memory blanks have not returned (yet), my self-esteem and general upbeat mood are even more absent than usual.

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