Thursday, July 19, 2012


Alas, the holidays have gone, and we must go back to our dreary old lives. I hope your holidays went better than mine, which were as shoddy as the last ones (I may have to write to the company if this keeps up), with the exception of the prom, which as already established was spiffing good stuff in every respect.

Do not forget to partake in the great Fuse either. Next week will be a librarymajig just for more Fuse advertising space.

Good lord, you know I had something wonderful to type about, but it has completely vacated my mind. I dare hope I shan't be going mad, that wouldn't do at all. I wish to have a clean cup, let us change places to the left.

My humblest appologies good folks, this is extremely embarrasing for me. The next installment will hopefully be longer and much more filled with fun and whimsey.

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