Sunday, August 3, 2014

The First Deadly Sin

HEED ME!! Heed my warnings!! Abandon all hope and submit to despair, for I have seen. I HAVE SEEN!! I have seen the TRUTH that LURKS behind the meek facade of this place, of this time, of this world, I now KNOW of what lies beyond, I have SEEN what dwells within the DARK corners of the Earth, and I have now born WITNESS to the TERRIBLE design that it has planned for us ALL!! KNOW ALL that it now CANNOT BE STOPPED, and cower before the TERROR and dark might of its HERALD!! SEE IT HERE and know that 50,000 SHADES OF DARKNESS shall RISE, and this world shall BURN AT ITS TOUCH!!

I have seen!! I HAVE SEEN!! I HAVE SEEN!! IhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseenIhavseenIhaveseenI have SEEN IT ALL UNFOLD BEFORE WITHIN MY EYES MIND!! The beast!! The abomination!! The - the - THING!! 50,000 shades of total DARKNESS!! Even now I hear its HOWLS from beyond the VOID, beyond TIME beyond SPACE beyond THOUGHT beyond VOICE beyond SOUL OH GODS I HAVE SEEN!! Before I was blind before I could behold only light upon my PRIMITIVE retinas but now now NOW I have seen EVERYTHING and more!! It burns my eyes mind soul everything make it stop MAKE IT STOP!! MakeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstopIhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseenmakeitstopIhaveseenmakeitstop Now the truth is BURNED into me it is SEARED into the back of my EYES!! I HAVE SEEN and now what is SEEN cannot be UNSEEN IhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseen

I thought there was perhaps a chance foolish thought from foolish mind, I KNOW now my eyes are OPEN and they cannot be shut sealed CLOSED again there are sights dreams thoughts KNOWLEDGE that cursed blessed mortal men where not meant to know but now the truth SCREAMS within my aether vitae brain for I HAVE SEEN the UNRELENTING HORROR that awaits us ALL even now I see it in every corner of your his her ours its we me you my mind's eye I hear 1000 MILLION voices SCREAM in AGONY and in pain misery WOE before their DOOM as this reality illusion tower world crumbles all around them!! Know now that upon the FOURTEENTH turning of the SECOND MOON upon the eve of Venus 50,000 SHADES OF TOTAL DARKNESS WILL DESCEND and all the wold will BLEED It CANNOT BE STOPPED it WILL NOT BE DENIED for how can it? How can one possibly defeat only SHADES? So many creatures entities voices souls things angels monsters predators lords abominations SHADES 50 100 500 5000 50,000 all of UTTER DARKNESS Even then next never before after always now it speaks howls cries calls across the black PIT of infinite night in over a MILLION voices it whispers in the minds and DARKENED hearts of us ALL caressing and inflaming our Darkest deep desires since beyond across from the Primordium at the start end nothing ever begins nothing ever ends edge of the universe IT HUNGERS and CRAVES the base illicit desires that burn within our psyches the maiden virtues that shine from our aetheric vitae and LONGS to CORRUPT them for that is how it draws forth its nourishment sustenance IT has no need for such FEEBLE MORTAL needs IT exists only to DESPOIL!! 

I HAVE SEEN!! IhaveseenIhaveseenIhaveseenohgodsIhaveseenIhaveSEEN it COME TO PASS maybe what where even then never now ITs honey promises delights marmalade pleasures whispers will have embraced its the too minds late of countless SOULS and die now drives murder them to be corpses its willing ACOLYTES!! It did doth writhe blood thy why mind slipping has drives did doth stirs also plus euclidian laws are lies and enflames inflames in flames like moths to flames thoughts fragment concentrate excites their BLOOD drives them into frenzied RAGE at those ITs chosen VESSALS yet I know the truth that IT shall perform unto them only DEATH the WAGES OF SIN that shall be lashed upon this weak home web of lies trap blood Millitant is not home now pain feeble DOOMED world!! A MURDER of RAVENS flies across the sky, the MOON announces that it will soon be night CRY for the MOON for it shall watch over her children and WEEP at the DEATH OH gods so much DEATH yet THAT IS NOT DEAD WHICH CAN ETERNAL LIE, AND WITH STRANGE AEONS EVEN DEATH MAY DIE AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAARRRRGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


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