Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Over the hills...

Good golly gosh there hasn't been an update since before the Hallow's eve thing, and that was nearly a month ago!

Now much has happened since then. The apple products seem to still be watching and waiting, the vast Earth-shattering meteor that will rain judgment and vengeance upon this wretched world is still nowhere to be seen, and the Elder Gods still seem to be content to stay in Asgrad, but on the other hand school has ended (for me permamently), and exams have begun.

Oh yes. Why in fact this very morning I had one. It was a standard statistics exam, with four papers: WHAT!? WHAT IS THIS!?, WHAT IN THE 9 BURNING CIRCLES OF HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?, WHY!? (with a resource booklet of tears and misery), and MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP. It probably didn't help that this all took place not in the morning that you or I know, where the sun follows it's natural course from the middle of the sky to the Western horizon, but instead in this strange and twisted, dark, nightmarish otherworld, where the sun actually rises. Out of the east. It is a loathsome and unnatural place, cold and lightless and extremely tiring, and I want nothing to do with it again. I don't even know how I got there. One minute I went to sleep, and then I woke up in it.

Now, there is in the works something a bit special for the coming month of December (aside from Christmas I mean). What was originally going to be a fun trip to Stardome to see a musical rendition of a literary classic (until some grinch jacked up the prices), will now be an excursion to the films. But it will not be some pale imitation of a Supernatural film this time, ohh no. No, this time it will instead be a trip to see a mighty epic or action-packed spy thriller. The choice is yours, you can either place your word down for the latest adventure of Mr Bond, Skyfall, or a bunch of tiny little rural Englishmen fighting a dragon in The Hobbit. Either way you can't go wrong.

That about covers it I think. Be sure to comment about what film you'd want to see. Or, you know, to be nice and friendly to me. I actually do like hearing about how much the readers of this blog like it. Both of you!


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Emma said...

any of the movies sound good to me including breaking dawn(yes yes shock and horror i know) and the blog is great you should post more often or more regularly.

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