Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sometimes when I blog, I weep

Ahh, at last, Summer is here! The sun! The heat! The long days! God I hope it ends soon.

In the meanwhile I can now take some solace in that I have finished all the gruelling examinations placed before me, six in total, half the number that Greek guy did. What was his name, Her-something....her....her.....Hertle?

In other news, I now have a new Kitten! Oh joy! The little bundle of fluff is full of energy, zipping around the house, savaging plants, batting things around, causing mayhem and chewing through the cord of my headphones. He made a powerful enemy that day...

His name is as of yet undecided, and currently subject to extremely violent argument. I wish to name him Cheshire, after a certain cat from the works of one Lewis Carrol.

Moving to the business fside, the next happening will be upon the 8th of December. Expect a Christmas theme, most likely with present giving in order. Ho ho ho! Oh and sugar. There's always sugar.

Not only that, but I've placed up two new polls for your democratic pleasure. The first is in light of the new bundle of joy I have, and is of the age old question: Kittens or Puppies?

The new one is of my own devising, and came to me some time ago, as I was staring blankly at the idiot box. I now propose to you the conundrum: Which would win in a war, magic or steampunk? This will be a clash of epic scale, pitting Arcane science and technology against fell sorcery, steel against talisman, steam against mysticism and bolt against bullet. For queen and country!

And now, as with all good things, this post must come to an end. Rock on people!

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Emma said...

Chocolate by the way the greek guys name was hercules or heracles depending which version of he story you believe

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